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School Council

Over the past few years the school Council has proved to be an effective and invaluable platform for 'Pupil Voice'.  Ideas and proposals put forward by Council members and their peers have, in the main, been discussed and implemented.

The 'Graffitti' board continues to be a popular means of airing ideas and suggestions, many of which have since become firm fixtures within the school environment; the quiet area, the running track, the drinking fountain, the playground equipment, the class IT tablets, to name but a few.

Alongside these is the Council's continued committment to fund-raising, be it for a specific reason, a nationally recognised charity day or a particular charity nominated by a pupil or parent.  Such events are enjoyed by all and instill a sense of pride and achievement throughout the school.

Amongst the 'fun stuff', the Council also undertake the more serious tasks which underpin our 'Pupil Voice' ethos.  They regularly discuss and help update school policies and aims, and also form interview panels for potential new staff members (I'm sure Mr Brunsdon and Mr Davies remember their interrogations well!).

More recently the Council were joined by our school Super Ambassadors.  Together they drew up a revised edition of our key 'Rights and Responsibilties' which are used in Cantref, as opposed to more mainstream school rules.

All these aspects of the council's role within the school help to cement our pupils' voices as a valued means of opinion and decision making.