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Environmental Review October 2015 Summary

  • All classes in the school completed their Environmental Review with all the children.

  • Eco Reps then fed back during an Eco Committee meeting.

  • This is a summary of the findings.


  • Litter is not a problem within school.

  • People use correct bins especially since our recent assembly on this topic.

  • Children feel aware of reasons why litter is bad.

  • A litter pick of surrounding streets.

  • Don’t be a ‘litter bug’ posters


  • Teachers photocopy on double sided where they can.

  • We have a swap shop for uniform and books.

  • We use recycled toilet paper and hand dryers to save on paper towel usage.

  • People use the recycling bins appropriately

  • Children and staff use a compost bin.

  • Older children are aware of where the rubbish goes after it leaves school.

  • Not every class has a scrap paper tray for drawing and wet play use.

  • We could publicise that we can recycle ink cartridges, stamps, batteries and spectacles here.


  • Some classes are vigilant about turning off lights when the room is empty.

  • Computers get turned off when not in use.

  • Toilets have electricity saver systems.

  • Each class could have an electricity monitor to check lights and screens go off.

  • AnchorEach class could only use half the strip lights instead of having them all on.



  • There are no dripping taps.

  • We have half flush system on flushes.

  • We harvest rain water to water plants.

  • We reuse jugs of water at lunch to do washing up.

  • Children felt well informed about why water is so precious and important.

  • Occasionally, children leave taps running in classrooms e.g. after art clean-up.


  • Children feel safe to walk or cycle to school.

  • We complete surveys during the Big Peddle and Walk to School Week.

  • Drivers generally turn off engines when parking at school.

  • Children are taught through Mrs Tufty and KerbKraft about road safety.

  • Our JRSOs help to keep car parking safe and to a minimum.

  • Continue to promote walking and cycling to school.

  • Investigate walking buddies for those walking alone.

School Grounds

  • Painted games on the playground (although they need renewing).

  • Play equipment is used and well respected.

  • New friendship/buddy benches being used well and children like them.

  • Our grounds are used to grow things and children get involved in many ways.

  • We offer wildlife a place to live (trees/hedges).

  • We do have a pond.

  • We do have a wild flower area.

  • Our Bee Garden is planted now.

  • There are variety of animal shelters in school.

  • We would like a bird bath.

  • Our pond needs some expert attention.

  • Our willow dome is overgrown and it is time to have it pruned.

Global Citizenship

  • We have many visits from world charities and organisations e.g. Yirgcheffe link, Fairtrade, Zimele, Love Zimbabwe.

  • Annual ‘One World Week’ where each class studies another area in the world.

  • We are a Fair Trade school. We drink Fair Trade tea/coffee and sell Fair Trade bananas in our tuck shop.

  • We have worked with Abergavenny Community Orchard project, planting trees.

  • We take part in the shoe box appeal, comic relief, children in need and other charity days.

  • Spread the global message to parents and families at home more.

Healthy Living

  • We have healthy fruit tuck shop.

  • Most people have a healthy selection in their lunch box, we know this from the lunch box survey in Year 2.

  • We have water bottles in our classrooms.

  • We grow fruit and veg in school to eat.

  • We don’t do a form of exercise EVERY day. Could we introduce 5 minutes activity time each morning or afternoon? Perhaps IWB programme? Brain gym type.