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Cantref Newsletter

This page will be the Cantref community hub where you will find the latest newsletter, information, activities, photo galleries, videos and much more.

Please participate and contribute so we can strengthen the Cantref community during these unprecedented times.

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Birthday Shout Out

Happy birthday to...

Freddie is 6 today!

Year 5 children have been creating amazing lockdown news videos



Joke from James...

Q:  What goes tick tock bow wow .. tick tock bow wow?

A:  A watch dog!

Nursery Sports Day

Nursery children practised through the week and by Friday they had completed:

Egg and spoon Race, Sack race, Target practice and running races.

They also had to make their own banners, medals and certificates.

Nursery Sports Day photos

Harriet's egg and spoon race

Gwen's First Egg!

At the beginning of lockdown Mrs Francis set Year Two a project to do. They could choose whatever project they wanted. Gwen wanted to keep some chickens so she researched all the different types of chicken, costed it all out, got her chicken coup and then the chickens.

Today was a momentous day as she collected her first egg! She is hoping to get enough to sell.

Congratulations Gwen.

Earn a Blue Peter badge

Learn all about the Blue Peter badges and how you can earn one. Click on the link below.

External Link Icon Blue Peter badges


Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookies

Here is our first recipe for you to try courtesy of Mrs Davies. This recipe is so delicious that she has never shared it with anyone before.  Don't forget to send us a photo if you try it out.

File icon: pdf Peanut Butter Choc Chip Cookie [pdf 58KB] Click to download
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Eliza's Strawberry Flan


1 large ready-made flan case (Mummy says life is too short to make one)

800ml Double cream

1tbsp vanilla bean paste

60g caster sugar

400g large strawberries, trimmed and cut in half lengthways

Icing sugar for dusting

Small strawberries, blueberriesblackberries and mint for decoration

Click on the links to find out more.

1. Cut off the outer rim of sponge.  EAT

2.  Slice the flan base in half.

3.  Whip the cream, vanilla and caster sugar until semi firm.  LICK WHISK

4.  Spoon the cream mix onto one of the flans.  LICK SPOON

5.  Push the large strawberries into the cream around the flan base.  EAT REMAINING STRAWBERRIES.

6.  Place the remaining flan case on top.  LICK FINGERS.

7.  Dust with Icing sugar and decorate with remaining fruit and mint.

8.  EAT!!

Year Three Pass the Positivity

Ready Set Ride

HSBC UK and British Cycling have created resources to help your child learn to ride a bike. 

External Link Icon Ready Set Ride

Thank You NHS

What's happening in the hub?

VE Day

Year 5 Cup Song Challenge

What's happening at the hub this week?

Some excellent advice from our own YouTube star Osian

Year Six Amarillo

From Year One

Monmouthshire Housing Association grant success!

Cantref's Wellbeing Committee have received a grant award from the MHA Pitch For Your Project scheme.

Read all about it here 

External Link Icon MHA Pitch Your Project

MHA Pitch For Your Project video pitch

Helping our heroes with PPE

Cantref parent Mr Mark Stockham has launched a fundraiser for face shields for local NHS workers.

External Link Icon KHS Fundraiser

What's happening at the Hub?

A special message from Year 2

Chain Reaction Challenge

Hot Potato Challenge

We Miss You

Mrs O on a mission

The wonderful Mrs Owen in her colour coordinated PPE on a rescue mission. Thank you.

Free corona information book for children

by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler

External Link Icon Free corona book for children

Photos and Videos

Please keep in mind the rules below when sending in photos/videos.  We will not be able to post any images that fall outside of these parameters.

  • Photos/Videos must be sent in by the parent/carer of the child shown in the images.
  • Photos/Videos must only contain images of your own child/children, they must not contain images of other children.
  • By submitting your photos/videos, you are consenting for those images to be uploaded into the public domain.

Freddie's Marvellous Lockdown Marble Run


Anna's Song

Activity Challenge

Don't forget to send us a picture of you taking part.

Let’s get artistic!  You have probably seen in the media, children from across the UK, painting rainbows and putting them in their windows at home, to spread a little joy and show support for the NHS. 


We would like the children of Cantref to get creative and make a rainbow!  Draw, paint, crayon, collage or even use your computer to create a rainbow of beautiful colours and then send us a photo! Leo has already sent in a beautiful example of this. That smile certainly brightens up the day. Well done Leo!

Time Capsule

Have fun completing this amazing time capsule booklet.

File icon: pdf Time Capsule [pdf 654KB] Click to download

Video Challenge

One for the little people this time. Can you learn how to sign Old Macdonald? We'd love to see videos of you having a go.

Well done Harriet!

Photo Gallery

Send Mrs Davies your photos. Photos of you, your pets, your garden. Stylish or silly we'd love to see them all.

Our lovely Freddie has made his card for Captain Tom Moore.  Well done Freddie.

Cantref Cwtch Corner

Send us your messages of thanks and positivity

Colouring Pages

Print off and colour one of the coloring pages below to help say thank you or to cheer someone up.

Arts and Crafts

Ideas for arty or crafty projects to keep you busy.

Please send photos of your work for our gallery.

This week why not paint a rock with a rainbow or a positive message. We can all bring our rocks to school when we return and use them to create a path or sculpture.